Red Ironbark Spiral Table


The Red Ironbark Wood Spiral entrance and coffee table is the result of many nights of intense thinking by designer Jaco Fraser, who wanted to do something special with the wood he harvested on request near Groblersdal in Limpopo.

The spiral base creates as much a “psychedelic” feeling as wood can, while the design ensures that the table will be a conversation piece as well as a practical addition to your interior design.

Ironbark wood is an invasive species which ensures the availability of wood, should you need the manufacturer to create bespoke furniture pieces.

Fraser Woods red bark leadwood spiral table


Red Ironbark Spiral Table by Fraser Woods, a second generation African wood furniture manufacturer and designer.

1200mm X 1200mm X 780mm.

The fascinating phenomenon of the spiral pattern found in various expressions in nature, captivated our imagination and inspired this beautiful table.

The design was skilfully developed and meticulously crafted to be both beautiful and practical. It is manufactured and finished to a high standard with a focus on strength and attention to detail. 

The result is a unique conversation piece which we believe will also prove to be a timeless, classical piece of furniture to be admired and appreciated for generations to come.

It is made from Red Ironbark Wood which is a hardwood named for the colour of its beautiful, rich, red-toned heartwood, and hardness. The wood’s great density ensures strength and durability. In fact, the wood is so dense that it will sink in water as it weighs 1050 kilograms per cubic metre.

In South Africa, where this wood is sourced, Red Ironbark is considered an invasive species. For us, this is an ideal timber to use and we love working with this special wood. 

Fraser Woods create coffee tables and entrance hall tables with the spiral design. We offer a custom service and will gladly manufacture it to the dimensions that will fit your unique space.

The manufacturer

Fraser Woods source their own raw material from the South African bush. Many of their products are manufactured from wood that can only be harvested with a permit. They are hardwood specialists and innovative furniture designers.


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