How to learn Social Media in 15 Sprints


Social media training for time-constrained small business owners who want to study when they have time.
15 Chapters.
60 Pages.



Fifteen steps to a comprehensive social media marketing program for small businesses.

  1. SPRINT 1: Reputation management

  2. SPRINT 2: Identify what makes your business unique

  3. SPRINT 3: How do we make the lives of our customers better?

  4. SPRINT 4: User demographics and other tools

  5. SPRINT 5: How to design your own social media plan

  6. SPRINT 6: Making the most of your website

  7. SPRINT 7: Look for a target audience to market to

  8. SPRINT 8: Content marketing and link building

  9. SPRINT 9: Your market is not defined by location

  10. SPRINT 10: Learn from your competitors

  11. SPRINT 11: Create a buddy network

  12. SPRINT 12: The only reason people remember you

  13. SPRINT 13: Thinking outside the limitations of social media

  14. SPRINT 14: The tool everyone on the Internet uses every day

  15. SPRINT 15: The crown on your marketing strategy