ROCA 100% Rye bread (6 per box)


100% Rye bread.
0% Wheat.
Sunflower seeds.


100% Rye bread.
0% Wheat.
Sunflower seeds.

ROCA 100% Rye bread baked to an in-house developed recipe to ensure non-crumbling, purity, consistency and effortless digestion. Your body will love you for eating ROCA 100% rye bread. One small slice provides the same saturated feeling that two slices white bread provide – without the negative side effects of a bloated feeling, heartburn and indigestion.

Low gluten content
Perfect for the health conscious.

Sold in parcels of 6 breads (600g breads). Total: R320.00
Only available in Gauteng.
Parcel weight: 3,6kg.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 33.7 × 32.2 × 18 cm


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